India SEO Companies: One Big Reason To Just Say No

Posted by Mike Munter on August 14, 2012  /   Posted in Blog

Below is an actual email I copied from my inbox today.  I get about 3 messages like this one each week: ======== Hi,                   I am ______, SEO Consultant. Advertising in the online world is one of the most inexpensive and highly effective methods of promoting a business. We are a Leading Indian Based SEO & More…

What Is The Over Optimization Penalty?

Posted by Mike Munter on June 02, 2012  /   Posted in Blog

Google’s over-optimization penalty refers to using the same anchor text over and over to point links back to your site. Using the same keyword or keyword phrase repetitively used to be a great way to signify to Google what your site was about and it was also a great way to move up in search More…

Finding Guest Blog Post Opportunities

Posted by Mike Munter on June 02, 2012  /   Posted in Blog

A guest blog post is an article you write for another website, in order to get a link, earn referral traffic, and build relationships.  They’re a great strategy for SEO, as the sites you’ll be targeting should be relevant to your own. Before we look at how to find guest blog post opportunities, let’s consider More…