Affordable Reputation Management Services

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When you Google your name or business name, do you like what you see?

Wouldn’t it be nice to see your own personal website, your business website, your facebook page, and a press release about you or your business that casts you in a positive light?  What about a Youtube video showcasing your business?

affordable reputation management services

It would be nice if we had control over what people saw when they Googled us by our name or our business name.

Thankfully, we do!

Reputation management services allow us to get your business and personal websites to rank higher than other “not so flattering” websites and media when people search for you online. When we fill the first page of Google search results with the media YOU want, we automatically push the media you DON’T want back to page 2, where most people will not see it.

Reputation management works like this:

We create content that casts you in a positive light or which helps to promote your business.  This usually consists of new web sites, press releases, videos, authoritative directories, news, articles, and social media sites.  Some clients already have a lot of excellent content about them online – they just need it to appear higher on the page.

We use SEO link-building techniques to promote your content with the intention of moving it onto page one.  With activity, linking, and time, your favored content nudges higher up the page, thereby pushing down the content you don’t want to see.

Can content be deleted off the internet?

Content cannot be deleted off the internet; however, if there is something you do not like, I recommend you contact the site owner directly. If you ask them in a nice way, you might be able to get them to take down the disparaging remarks or update the website to cast you in a more positive light.  This should always be your first step, as it will be far less costly and time-consuming.

If this tact is unsuccessful, than affordable reputation management services can do the work for you. Let’s say somewhat shot a random video when you were not on your best behavior and they posted it to Youtube and tagged you. When you Google your name, this video is appearing in the 3rd position. What we would need to do is create and optimize at least 8 separate pieces of content about you, so that the video gets moved to the 11th position and onto page 2 of search results.

While a situation like this is fairly extreme for most of us, this is exactly how reputation management works to “clean up” what you see when you Google your name.

How long does Reputation Management take?

Each reputation management client is different.  We’ve seen results in as little as two months and we’ve seen results take considerably longer.  One of the main factors is the strength of the domain for whatever page we are trying to push down.  Lately, Google has been favoring bigger brands, so if we’re trying to move a site off page 1 that has medium to high strength, expect longer for results to be seen.  Call us for a consultation and we can give you a better idea how long it might take, depending on your needs and the strength of the disparaging site.

Are Affordable Reputation Management Results Long Lasting?

Usually, once we get YOUR content where we want it, it is difficult to displace it. The reason is that while other sites or media may “pop” online about you, it is unlikely that the owner of that content will do any type of search engine optimization. It is possible that search results could shift over time and if you need a boost, just contact me. In general, reputation management results are long lasting.

Who Creates The Content?

It doesn’t matter.  Some clients come to us with lots of great content already in place – we just need to promote it.

Other clients have nothing and do not have time to spend on it, so we do everything for them.

How Much Does It Cost?

It truly varies, based on many of the factors listed above.  We’re happy to talk with you and share our experience to give you an idea of costs and a timeline based on your specific needs.

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