Fertility Solutions Sunshine Coast

“Mike is constantly communicating with me and making suggestions that will raise our profile even further via SEO. He regularly emails me with updates and also Skype’s for more detailed meetings. Mike has never used any techniques that have made me feel uncomfortable i.e. “Black Hat” SEO.

As a manager of 2 busy fertility clinics I have utmost confidence that Mike is working hard behind the scenes to improve our rankings. I would highly recommend him as a professional, efficient SEO. I am more than happy for anyone to contact me directly if they require any more information.”

Denise Donati, Unit Manager/Director, Fertility Solutions Sunshine Coast

seo testimonial from nick husin



“In the six months since I hired Mike, I am getting 8x more new visitors to my site.”

Independent Team Beachbody Coach Nick Husin


seo testimonial from UFO Pizza
“Mike helped me put a system in place to collect over 400 customer emails which I use to drive business on slower nights.  Plus, my website is on page 1 of Google for my main keyword.”

UFO Pizza Owner Luke Bates


 Mining Equipment Supplier“Mike Munter SEO really helped me get my website noticed and on page one of Google very quick! Other SEO developers told me all kinds of bunk to get my business. Mike talked with me on a consultation one day, and I knew his company was the right choice for my SEO services. His packages are affordable, and his technique resulted in a first place page rank on one of my keywords almost right away! If you are undecided about your SEO, I recommend Mike Munter SEO!”

Wade Harman, Founder of The Mining Equipment Supplier


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